Private investigator services for marital infidelity and alimony

The agency intervenes in a number of areas related to child support, Canadian court public records check and  GPS tracker for car.  
Notably in prevention, when the protection of family or financial interests is at stake.
Infidélité conjugale

Infidélité conjugale

Pension alimentaire

Pension alimentaire

Géolocalisation  par GPS

Géolocalisation par GPS

Antécédents judiciaires canadiens

Antécédents judiciaires canadiens

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    The information collected in various information banks, allows SIM DETECTIVE to be a a leader in intelligence gathering.

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    Whether it is for a reason of marital infidelity, problems related to the perception of child support, questions about the movements of a person or to locate one, SIM DETECTIVE has a solution that suits you.

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The BCS Investigation Group is an agency that brings together under one roof the full range of investigative services.