The Private Investigator Agency

The private investigator agency intervenes in a number of areas related to problems of a private nature, notably in prevention, when the protection of family or financial interests is at stake.

Frequently, these cases start with a surveillance. In this way, we are able to provide the proof necessary in the following instances:

  • Affairs related to the separation of a couple (adultery, divorce proceedings, location and surveillance of the children of separated couples);
  • Studies on the behaviour of significant others, parents, in-laws;
  • Verification of alibis, trips, the use of time;
  • Problems related to drugs, alcoholism, sects, prostitution, gambling.

We offer you a personalized approach  and the assurance that your case will be treated from beginning to end by the same professional assigned to your investigation, all as expeditiously as possible.

Together, we will examine the means to be implemented to solve your problem.

On the basis of a simple telephone call, we will analyse your needs  to get a better understanding of the situation, and to suggest to you in full confidentiality the means of intervention best adapted to your case.

The phone consultation is free, and you will be under no obligation.

You can reach us at the following number:

514 838.9220 / TOLL FREE (LONG DISTANCE CALLS): 1-855-838-9220

or by email at :

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The founder of BCS Investigation has guided the company on the development of customized solutions and operational excellence. Furthermore, Mr. Simard has more than 27 years of experience with the Montreal Police Service. His company is based on the elaboration of solutions, promptness of replies and relevance of the information. Mario Simard also has a degree in law and administration.

Director of Investigations

The Investigations Directorate is assumed by Claudia Cardenas, a graduate in business administration. Ms. Cardenas specializes in problem solving. She speaks French, English and Spanish.