Locate a person

Locate a person

Locate a person


The  locate a person service  is often used to look for debtors of claims due to alimony or to find ex-spouses in order to execute a judgment.

By locating your ex-spouse, we will be able to trace the new address and even better, its main source of income.

Locate a person is also used to search for witnesses and even to find a friend or family member. The location report will be made within fifteen (15) days by a professional team who will ensure confidentiality.

A quick and efficient way to find someone’s address or a source of income.

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514 838.9220 / TOLL FREE (LONG DISTANCE CALLS ONLY) : 1-855-838-9220
or by email at info@detectiveprivemontreal.com


Online Form and Payment


225 $ : If the trace provides no results, a 80,00 $ fee will be applicable. 
A team of professionals will take responsibility for completing localization reports and can do so between 15 and 20 business days